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Almost a Centimeter
The Authors
The Editors
The Designers
The Printers
The Distributers
The Readers
“Almost a Centimeter” is a playful reference to the thickness of the book that is a collective effort of 5 professors and 16 students from 3 distinct academies in the Baltic and Nordic region, and 5 visiting lecturers and critics, invited because of their outstanding efforts in the field of artist book making and publishing. The book emerged from a course that recognizes the explosion in artist book making all around the world, especially in lieu of the less than terminal death of print predicted now for many years. This resurgence of print was something we wanted to aid, particularly in our region, by giving a younger generation a course that presented all the steps necessary in taking a book from its concept, through its relation to historical antecedents, design, paper and color selection, the printing process, and finally distribution and acting as a temporary publishing house. It is our ambition and desire that these young artist book makers will help to bolster and build up the infrastructure in the region for artist book making in all its prolific forms.

Six teams made a 16-page section each reflecting on various aspects of what it takes to realize
a publication. Their subjects were “The Author,”
“The Editor,” “The Designer,” “The Printer,” “The Distributer,” and “The Reader.” Each group quickly realized that they would have to take on more than
one of these roles in making the book on their subject as no single process or step is independent from the others. The book is therefore an active reflection on book making as a process, which is incorporated into its title.
MAKE YOUR OWN PRESS intensive course
took place in Bergen, Norway (3.02.–14.02.2014)
and in Tallinn, Estonia (24.03.–4.04.2014).

Brett Bloom, Brandon LaBelle,
Indrek Sirkel, Laura Toots, Anu Vahtra
KUNO network coordinator: Sandra Sule
Visiting lecturers from the field of artist
book making and publishing:

The publication was launched at Kumu Art Museum in
Tallinn on April 4, 2014 in conjunction with
a public seminar that included presentations by
all the participating students, Brett Bloom, Brandon
LaBelle, and special guests Peter Ström & Mattias
Jakobsson from Publishing as (part-time) Practice,
Stockholm, Sweden.
Organizing academies and
participating students: ————————————————————————————————————————————————————— BERGEN ACADEMY Of ART AND DESIGN
Strømgaten 1
5015 Bergen

Ragna Sverresdotter Haugstad
Anna Kubista Löfman
Ingrid Rundberg
Linda Samuelsson
Ann-Kristin Stølan ————————————————————————————————————————————————————— ESTONIAN ACADEMY Of ARTS
Estonia pst 7
10143 Tallinn

Liisa Ambur
Allan Appelberg
Marten Limbach
Iida Kaisa Urm
Ingel Vaikla
Kristina Õllek ————————————————————————————————————————————————————— JUTLAND ART ACADEMY
Mejlgade 32-34
8000 Århus C

Holger Højbjerg
Cisser Mæhl
Anne Sofie Overgaard
Anna Thordal ————————————————————————————————————————————————————— and Sandra Strēle as a KUNO express student from
the Art Academy of Latvia,
Almost a Centimeter
Facebook page
Arnaud Desjardin
Kasper Andreasen
Banu Cennetoğlu
Urs Lehni
Peter Ström & Mattias Jakobsson